March 14

Install WordPress in 6 Easy Steps

Within Minutes, You can Install WordPress

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Installing WordPress and getting your website running is not as difficult as you may think. In the video above, I'll walk you though how easy it is to install WordPress after you've bought your new domain name.

In Six (6) Easy Steps YOU can Install WordPress

  1. Login into your cPanel
  2. Scroll down to the Software/Services section and click on Fantastico De Luxe
  3. In the left sidebar, click on WordPress
  4. Click on New Installation
  5. Create a Secure Username, Password and enter your Admin email address,
  6. Click Install WordPress and YOU'RE done.

It's that easy to install WordPress inside your cPanel!

WordPress is the most popular and the easiest way to start building your website for those want to learn how to build their own website.

It's important to note:  A basic requirement for every website, is to have a web hosting account. Web Hosting is where your websites lives on the internet. It's best to have the fastest hosting possible because the time it takes for your website to load on the internet makes a huge difference in many factors including but not limited to:

  1. How Google or Search Engines Rank your website on the internet and
  2. whether or not a prospective new customer stays on your website.

We live in a day and age where people expect everything NOW. So when they come to your website...if it takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load, most people are moving on to your competitors website.

At, you have the fastest solution possible for your website a great price.

OK, let's login to your Hosting account and install WordPress within minutes with just a few Easy Steps once you've logged into your cPanel.

Inside your Hosting account, let's view your Product and Services. Here you can choose the Hosting Package or the Primary Domain you want to install WordPress on. Click View Details.

Now scroll to the bottom and you can access or Login to cPanel using the easy access login button.

Now your in your cPanel.
Scroll down to the Software/Services section and click on the Fantastico De Luxe Icon.

In the left sidebar, click on WordPress...Now click on New Installation

In the first field, in the event that you have other domains you've added to this primary domain, you would see them in the drop-down menu. Make sure to select the domain you want to install WordPress on.

Skip down to the Admin Access Section and enter in a Safe and Secure Admin user name and password. Never use the word "Admin" or an easy to guess password. If you're making it too easy for Hackers to break into your website.

It's best to choose an Admin Username with both Upper and Lowercase letters. (It's important to note...that you usually can't change your admin username later, so pick a good one now.)

Then choose a really safe password that includes Uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Then enter in your best email address. Later you'll get the option to send your new login credentials to this email.

The site name is optional and can be changed or filled in after you've installed WordPress, but we'll go ahead and enter one now...just for fun.

The Description is optional too, but we'll do this one as well...

Then click Install WordPress. On the next page, click finish installation and your done!

You can go back and view your new website. As you can IS pretty quick and easy to install wordpress and begin building your website.

​Enjoy and leave comments below...letting me know if you think this video is helpful and what other tutorial videos you would like to see.


Install WordPress

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