August 20

Stop Junk Mail

How to Stop Junk Mail and or learning about junk mail opt out.

Stop Junk Mail

I HATE Spam...and I hate spammers!!!

However, if you've had email for any amount of'll eventually get a lot of spam and the more you visit sites and subscribe to their emails and the more you buy online...

you'll end up with spam because some businesses sell their subscriber list.

It's a terrible things...but it's a part of life.

The best way to guard your inbox against spam is to simply be careful about what email address you when subscribing to people's list.

When emails come in that you don't want...Use the "Unsubscribe Link" that is supposed to be at the bottom of every email.

However...sometimes you still get spam even when your careful. In this video...let me show you how to control some of the spam that does come to your inbox.

Log into your Web Hosting Account at and let's get started.

How to Stop Junk Mail

Stop Junk Mail starts with Prevention

This is a great method and easy to employ, however, it all starts with prevention. When I subscribe to any site...I usually use a junk email account, because I know it will get flooded with spam.  Then anything that I find that is valuable information and I enjoy reading, then I will update my email address for that subscriber so I can read it in my main subscriber email account.

You can learn all about creating free domain email accounts by watching this video.​

Since it is easy and free...I usually have an email for JUNK. I use that for general subscribing. Then I have an email for the list that I have found I can trust and want to read without having to surf through all the spam emails. Then I have a personal email account that is for family and friends.


Stop Junk Mail

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