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Creating a Buy Button with PayPal

Creating a Buy Button with PayPal

Creating a Buy Button with PayPal is easy and can be done in any type of PayPal account.

In this video...I'll show you how to create a "Buy Now" button, using a FREE PayPal account.

Sometimes you have a great product idea, but...YOU don't know how to create a Payment button or collect money from all your potential customers.

Making a payment button or a Buy Now button with PayPal is EASY!

Today, I"ll create a PayPal Payment Button for this great product idea I have...
Dehydrated Water.  You can click the link to see the PayPal button I created on that page in this video. 

YEAH...I know! You're thinking, "Why didn't I come up with that Product Idea???"

Creating a Buy Button with PayPal

You can create buy now buttons with any type of PayPal account. It is NOT necessary or required to have a business or paid account.

In this tutorial, we only create a basic buy now button. However, PayPal has a lot of options to make a variety of payment buttons. 

You only need to copy and paste a small amount of HTML and paste it onto your WordPress or HTML website.

It's always important to test your PayPal payment button before you promote your product to make sure everything is working.​

In a later tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to use the email link ​PayPal gives you...combined with any image you want to create your own Custom PayPal button.

Creating a Buy Button with PayPal 

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