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Hyperlinks Help your Website and gives you Google Love


Creating a Hyperlink

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This hyperlink tutorial video will show you how easy it is to create a hyperlink to direct your website views to other pages or post on your website.

First…understand that you have several types of hyperlinks, but in general, we’re talking about two types.

  1. Outbound hyperlinks that direct people to other websites outside of your website and
  2. Inbound hyperlinks or inter-linking links that direct people to other places on your website.

You appear as a TEAM player in Google’s eyes when you have both of these on your website.

It’s important to change up how you are linking a keyword.  For example…in the video, we talk about how the site, HealthCareJobs, wants to rank their site for a main keyword, “HealthCare Jobs”. So as often as I can…within reason, I would want to link that keyword and many variations of that keyword to the actual HealthCare Jobs website url.

Keep your Hyperlinks Natural

However…if Google detects that you have every “HealthCare Job” word or phrase link to the sites url, it seems “UNNATURAL” to Google and you could get penalized. People will naturally link to a website by saying something like…“Click Here” to visit the HealthCare Jobs website.

Then they would hyperlink the “Click Here”.  That seems and is natural to Google.  So, you would want to include some of those types of hyperlinks on your site as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this video and that you found it helpful. Please leave a comment below and share this page on your favorite social network.

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