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Disable Domain Auto Renewal Feature


This video will show you how to turn off or disable domain auto renewal if you are certain you do NOT wan to renew your domain.

Disable domain auto renewal feature with extreme caution. If you turn off automatic renewal of domains, you could end up with a lot of heart-ache and be out a lot of money.

 Disable Domain Auto Renewal 


In most cases, when you buy a domain, the domain is set to auto-renew so that you don’t lose a valuable domain. Losing a valuable domain can be extremely costly and heartbreaking, if you’ve done a lot of work building a website on that domain.

However, if you decided you don’t want to renew a domain for what-ever reason…you will normally receive an email with the subject:

Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice

This email will come to you 45 days prior to expiration, 37 days and 31 days prior to expiration of your domain.

This gives you plenty of time to log into your IMShosting account and disable the auto-renewal feature.

However, if you choose NOT to disable domain auto-renewal feature, your domain will auto-renew 30 days prior to the actual expiration date to ensure you don’t lose your valuable domain.

Disable Domain Auto Renewal Video

This video will show you how easy it is to disable the domain auto-renewal feature.

Simply “Login” to your IMShosting.co account and navigate to your domains and click on View.

  • Then scroll to the domain you do NOT want to auto renew and click drop-down menu where it says…Manage Domain
  • then, click on Auto Renewal Status
  • Now you can click on the Disable Auto Renewal button.
  • Now…you can now go back to your domains list

Here you can verify that the domain is now disabled for Auto Renewal.

It’s that easy…

Make sure to take extreme caution when disabling a domain…it could
cost you hundreds of dollars to get that domain back…if you make a
mistake or change your mind and decide you really wanted to keep that domain.

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Disable Domain Auto Renewal

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