March 25

Renew Domain Name after You Buy a Domain


Renew Domain Name

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Renew Domain Name after you buy a domain is really easy. This video tutorial will show you step by step how you can accomplish this task inside your account.

If you don't have an IMShosting or Best Web Hosting Fast account you can renew your domain free by creating a new account. Simply click here to create your account now.

It's important to renew your domain name...if you want to keep it. Forgetting to renew a domain can cause a lot of heartache as domain scalpers find and buy lots of domains as soon as they expire and then try to resell you that domain for hundreds of dollars depending on what they believe the domain is worth.

Renew Domain Name Shortcut to Save $$$

Making sure your domain is "Enabled" for Auto-Renew can save you a lot of money and headaches.

You'll always get a notices a couple months in advance and again 30 before the domain expires to remind you to renew the domain. If for some reason, you've decided you don't want to renew the domain name, it's easy enough to remove or stop the auto-renewal. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Domain names are really inexpensive to buy the first time, but can cost you hundreds of dollars if you forget to renew domain name after you buy a domain. Many domains become more and more valuable as you build content or your website becomes more popular.

A good Renew Domain Name Tip: If you do forget to renew your domain name when it expires. You still have 30 days to renew your domain name before a domain scalper can get it. After the 30 days...that domain name is fair game.

However, sometimes you can contact the domain scalper and offer a much lower price that his asking price. Again, depending on the value of the domain, the domain scalper may or may not accept your offer.

Another great tip is to renew your domain name for more than one year. By doing so, your website will actually get better Google Love. Google's robots can see how long a domain is registered for and they give better rankings for domains that are registered for more years. This tip is especially useful when buying a NEW Domain name.

See YouTube Video: Renew Domain Name

Renew Domain Name Shortcut to Save $$$

​To learn "How to Disable the Automated Domain Renewal" Feature, watch this video.

Enjoy and please...Let us know what you thought about this video by commenting below. πŸ™‚


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  • I had been putting off my domain name renewal for weeks, believing that I would screw something up as I did it. However, with the video provided by Burt (Internet Marketing Specialist), it was as easy as 1-2-3! Thanks Burt. You’re a great teacher and your videos are great internet teaching tools.

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