40 Million Alexa Devices make LIFE more Convenient for Everyone.

Keep Congregation Informed...

Upcoming Events
Service Times
Listen to Latest Sermon
and  much more...

Listen to a Demo Alexa Skill for a Church

Alexa Skills are similar to Apps. 

Alexa devices

Over 40,000 Alexa Skills and growing each day. Echo device owners search the Alexa App (Skills Store) for enjoyable and useful skills that will make life more convenient and hands free. You can enable skills for free and MOST of them are 100% free to use.

Developers are creating new Alexa Skills daily from Kids Games, Steaming Audio Skills, Business Skills and everything in-between.

Don't know much about Alexa?

What this short Video to Learn more about Alexa.

What can Alexa do?

People use Alexa everyday to do almost anything from:

  • Setting Timer and Alarm Clocks
  • Checking their schedule
  • Searching for recipes while cooking
  • Turning on Lights & Locking Doors
  • Navigating safely with Alexa in the car
  • Playing Game for adults and kids
  • Getting information instead of searching Google
  • Keeping Informed about weather, news and 
  • Event Times, Service Times and more in any type church or business
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